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What happens when solid-state battery gets shot?


May 10, 2019

To demonstrate the outstanding safety of LCB (solid-state lithium ceramic battery), ProLogium keeps torturing LCB by applying variable safety test under way critical conditions than standard ones.

Recently, they conducted shooting test by firing an 8.3 Ah solid-state battery with a 7.62mm caliber cartridge.
The bullet penetrated and twisted the surface of cell into an eight-petal flower, could tell from the bullet hole that a fatal phenomenon was happening: short circuit triggered by connected cathode and anode.

However, thermal runaway didn’t happen to LCB, not even smoke or spark. The only change was temperature slightly rose by 1.5°C, and the LCB kept lighting the LED light, again, LCB’s high safety was proved.

ProLogium also shared more safety tests before:

1. Basic test item_ penetrating/ cutting/ punching/ folding/ sinking

2. Charged smartphone after being cut into 2 parts for 24hr:
The electrodes open to air with maximum surface by diagonally cut. After 24hr , the cut cell was still able to charge a smartphone.

3. Drill Test

4. Burning:
Threw LCB into flame, no explosion nor larger fire happened.

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