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Our Commitment to Society

“Conflict minerals” refer to gold, tantalum, tungsten, cobalt, mica and tin originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or neighboring countries which are mined and sold under the control of armed groups to finance conflict characterized by extreme levels of violence and human rights violations.

In addition to this, ProLogium policy includes no use of magnesium, manganese, nickel, copper, aluminum, lithium, graphite from conflict areas.

ProLogium does not support or use conflict minerals and states our pledge on
our website and standard supplier contracts/purchasing agreements. ProLogium expects each of our suppliers to comply with the Responsible Business Alliance standards and source materials only from socially responsible suppliers.

Owing to the complicated chain of custody of minerals, we are unable to precisely trace and identify the origin of minerals that go into our products. Specifically, we are committed to taking the following actions:

  1. Require our suppliers to inform us of all related information immediately if there are any conflict minerals in products supplied to ProLogium.
  2. Require our suppliers to implement due diligence processes for the responsible sourcing of minerals and guarantee that there are no conflict minerals in products supplied to ProLogium.

ProLogium underscores our longstanding commitment to respect and promote fundamental human rights in every aspect of our business. We seek to ensure that people who work at our company and factory are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
We pledge to do the following to safeguard workers’ rights:

  1. Never hire child labor or gain from exploiting child labor. Offer a healthy and safe workplace for employees.
  2. Prohibit the use of forced labor and overtime in any form.
  3. Never prejudice against or show differential treatment for any employees or interviewees for any reasons, including race, age, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, pregnancy, religious belief, political stance, marital status, etc.
  4. Explicitly prohibit any sexual harassment or inhumane treatment of employees at work, physically or mentally.
  5. Fully comply with labor laws, including regulations on minimum wages, work hours, weekly rest and holidays, benefits, etc.
  6. Respect and protect employees’ freedom of speech and freedom of association.
  7. Establish communication channels for dialogues without interference.
  8. ProLogium’s code of conduct complies with relevant local labor laws and international standards.

ProLogium is committed to compliance with the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) standards and requires our suppliers to do so.

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