Electric Vehicle
  • Fundamental Safety
  • High pack energy density and assembly efficiency
  • Lower package cost
  • Wider operation window
  • Longer life of cycling and calendar span
  • 5C fast charge capability

Solid-state batteries directly assembled in a conventional battery pack would greatly restrain the SSB’s capabilities. ProLogium thus developed a brand-new packaging approach – MAB, enabling unparalleled advantages for electric vehicles.

Industrial / Special Environment Application
Industrial /
Special Environment Application
  • Ultra safe
  • Certified ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 T4 / T5
  • Wider Operation Window
  • Temperature: discharge and storage under extreme low temp.
  • Pressure: from outer space vacuum level to deep sea
  • Ultra thin, flexible

The excellent stability and environmental tolerability of LCB have enabled our customers’ products to pass the ATEX / IECEx Zone1 T4 / T5 explosion-proof certification; whether vacuum , high-pressure environment or extreme temperature conditions,PLG’s LCB can still power the device.
These properties contribute to LCB’s competitive advantages in professional / explosion-proof application.

Consumer Applications
  • Ultra-Safe
  • Ultra-thin & flexible
  • Wider Operation Window
  • Variable cell form factor, higher design flexibility

From thin, flexible FLCB to high-energy PLCB, ProLogium provides higher design flexibility. Moreover, ProLogium’s SSB will not explode or catch fire even after being cut, folded, or placed in extremely environment.

ProLogium’s FLCB and PLCB have been widely adopted by customers in the fields of smart cards, IoT, wearable and portable devices.

  • Ultra Safe
  • Wider Operation Window
  • Longer life of cycling and calendar span
  • 5C fast charge capability

Surpassing the UL1973 / IEC62619 safety standards, ProLogium LCB’s intrinsic safety and environment tolerability not only help ensure the safety of home / industry ESS users but also reduce total design cost for meeting UL9540A requirements by system point of view.

Besides, the capability of working under extreme environment also facilitates the deployment of ESS or cell towers in cold zones or high altitude regions.

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