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The Introduction of Revolutionary EV Solid State Battery Pack Has Secured Another Oscar in the World of Innovation


February 12, 2019

As a rapidly emerging pioneer of mass production of solid state lithium ceramic battery, ProLogium has delivered another breakthrough this year. After winning the distinguished honor of innovation award by its EV solid state battery pack in CES early this year, ProLogium Corporation is again listed among the top three winners of Edison Awards announced in Feb.10. This is an indication of the innovation and R&D capability of ProLogium.

Established in 1987 in memory of the spirit of exploration and innovation of US inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), Edison Award has become one of the greatest honor for global technology industries in the field of innovation and technology. It is known as the “Oscar of Innovation” in the industry. The technology leaders in the industry, such as Apple, Tesla, GE, Lockheed Martin, have all been the winners of such awards.

How can there be any innovation of lithium battery?
Attentions have been drawn to various sectors of EV industry, such as whole vehicle, self-driving system, Internet of Vehicles, and EIC system. Lithium battery is a kind of fundamental chemical technology which has been invented for more than 40 years, and on average there will be one technical progress every 10 years. It is not exactly an “Advanced Technology”. So how can ProLogium Corporation be recognized by various innovation awards among all those front end technology products?
As a matter of fact, with battery being a fundamental science technology, it has significant impact on the whole vehicle performance, such as safety and mileage, thus it is extremely important to the development of EV. However, the poor stability of polymer electrolyte of common lithium battery has led to numerous spontaneous combustion accidents of EV car, thus restricting the utilization of cathode and anode materials and stopping the progress of energy density. Therefore, the focus of this industry is on figuring out how to make a battery which is safe with high energy density. And this is why ProLogium, the only company in the world with the capability of mass production of solid state lithium ceramic battery, becomes the industrial benchmark and the hot topic of investment sector.

On top of that, in addition to successful mass production of solid state battery, ProLogium is the first company to integrate the battery pack with BiPolar+ technology and the mechanism tailor made for solid-state battery, thus creating a solution completely different from the structure of conventional battery pack. It has greatly simplified the cooling system, connection wires, connectors, and protection mechanism of battery pack to increase the space utilization rate of battery cell (also known as “assembly efficiency”) to 75%, which is 35% higher than conventional battery pack.
As a result, the volume of battery pack is reduced to 50% of conventional battery pack, and the cost is reduced by 30%. This means that the driving distance of electric vehicle could be multiplied. If the range issue can be solved, EV can be a better replacement for gasoline car, and the popularization of EV can be accelerated.
Currently the samples of ProLogium’s solid-state battery have been sent to many car makers in the world and tested for the planning of cooperation. The sample car will be introduced in Q4 this year.

ProLogium will attend the award ceremony of Edison Award in New York World Trade Center on April 4 this year to exhibit the solid-state EV battery pack and to announce to the world that the era of next generation power battery has arrived.

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