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ProLogium Debuts Its Next-Generation Solid-State Battery Technologies at the 2022 Paris Motor Show

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October 17, 2022

ProLogium Technology will be attending the Paris Motor Show – “Revolution is on”, from 17 to 23 October 2022 at Porte de Versailles. The motor show presents a great opportunity for ProLogium to showcase its proprietary technologies of next generation solid-state battery (SSB) and to unveil its latest innovations to industry experts and international audience for the first time. Solid-state batteries are among the most promising technologies to offer advantages in terms of safety, energy density, fast-charging, recyclability, weight optimization, costs, and lifetime.

“It’s imperative for ProLogium to be part of the global mobility community with our participation at the Paris Motor Show 2022. With our innovations to be presented at the show, ProLogium has once again proved its ability to imagine, design and develop breakthrough technologies that enable sustainable mobility,” said Gilles Normand, ProLogium’s Executive Vice President of International Development.

ProLogium will be demonstrating its latest technology breakthroughs on the show floor – disruptive next-generation battery products designed to empower the world’s transition towards electrification and net zero, covering a comprehensive SSB product portfolio from inlay, cell, to module.

Visitors are also welcome to join EVP Gilles Normand’s 1-on-1 interview on the mainstage on 21 October at 12 pm to learn more about ProLogium’s R & D efforts and results: how EV drivers can benefit from the next-generation battery, how ProLogium delivers environmentally friendly batteries, and Gilles’s demo of actual solid-state battery products on stage.


World Premiere of 100% silicon oxide anode – the end of the EV driver’s range anxiety.

Higher battery energy density is crucial to longer EV driving range, and high-silicon anode material is a key enabler. For current liquid type batteries, silicon rarely takes up more than 10% of the anode composition due to safety concerns caused by silicon swelling. However, we have found the direction to overcome this limitation, and ProLogium is well positioned to become the world’s first battery maker to adopt 100% silicon oxide anode, which increases energy density to 295-330 Wh/Kg, or 695-770 Wh/L. It should also be noted that this is achieved without consuming large amounts of expensive and limited lithium resources. The innovative SSB with 100% silicon oxide anode will be available in 2023 Q1 as prototype samples.

With 9 years of commercialization experience for consumer electronics, selling graphite and high-silicon anode batteries from 2013 to 2022, ProLogium is now ready to scale – way ahead of industry and academia’s estimated SSB mass production timeline of 2025 to 2030.

The Paris Motor Show is one of the world’s leading motor shows in terms of attendance (more than 1 million visitors in 2018). The show has been the proving ground of an industry at the forefront of innovations, attesting to the central role of the automobile in the mobility of the future. Companies across the entire auto-mobility ecosystem, including energy companies, start-ups, electric terminal manufacturers, and innovative players in energy transition and road safety, will all be present at the Paris Motor Show 2022.

Founded in 2006, ProLogium is a global leader in innovative next-generation battery technologies for vehicle, consumer, and industrial applications. ProLogium is the first battery company in the world to mass-produce solid-state lithium ceramic batteries. Its proprietary technologies cover nearly 600 (applied or awarded) patents worldwide. ProLogium’s automated pilot production line has provided nearly 8,000 solid-state battery sample cells to global car manufacturers for testing and module development. ProLogium’s GWh level solid-state lithium ceramic battery plant will be the first in the world to go online in early 2023, and it aims to begin scaling up by the second half of the year, followed by capacity expansion plans in major markets worldwide.

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