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ProLogium Technology secures US$326 million to expand global EV battery production capacity


October 29, 2021

Taipei, October 29, 2021 — World-leading solid-state battery (SSB) maker ProLogium Technology announced the completion of a US$326 million financing round.

The investment will strengthen and accelerate ProLogium’s focus on supplying OEMs for high-performing, safe and affordable EV batteries and accelerate the provision of SSB solutions for ProLogium’s EV strategic partners internationally.

dGav Capital managed fund New Epoch Capital LP, Primavera managed fund Carna Investments Holding Limited, and SBCVC managed fund SBCVC Navitas Limited all participated in the round. The funding raised will be invested in the development of mass production facilities for ProLogium SSBs and to implement the company’s global plant expansion plans. The funds will be deployed to expand production capacity in Asia, Europe and the US between 2023 and 2025 to supply the local demands of the major OEMs with high-quality EV batteries. This will accelerate the provision of SSB solutions for ProLogium’s EV strategic partners.

Vincent Yang, ProLogium Founder and CEO, said: “We thank our existing shareholders dGav Capital and SBCVC for their continued investment, and our latest investor Primavera Capital for their support to solidify our global market lead in the mass production and commercialization of SSBs. The battery is the heart of an EV and only ProLogium SSBs can guarantee their optimum safety and performance. Working with top OEMs worldwide, we will accelerate the time to market for SSB-powered EVs within 2-3 years.”

ProLogium Technology has prioritized cutting-edge sustainability for more than 15 years in its product innovation and design. Its patented manufacturing processes consume around an eighth of the energy required to produce a regular sulfide SSB. The company’s solid electrolyte is 100% recyclable and can be reused for creating new battery cell. As ProLogium Technology becomes the first to mass produce ceramic SSBs internationally, the expansion of its smart factory capacity will be the next step to ensure long-term sustainable growth while meeting a boom in market demand for ProLogium’s high performance, low cost, recyclable battery technology.

About ProLogium
ProLogium Technology (PLG) is a global leader in high-performing, safe and affordable battery technologies in vehicle, consumer and industry applications. Founded 15 years ago in Taiwan, ProLogium is the world’s first company to successfully develop, mass produce, and commercialize the solid-state lithium ceramic battery (SSB) – an essential component in the global energy transition to Net Zero.

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