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Public Statement

Feb 27, 2024

Important Statement Regarding ProLogium Share Trading

As ProLogium (“the Company”) continues to expand and develop, we are honored to have garnered the attention of a wide range of market participants. However, we have become aware of information circulating in the market regarding the trading of the Company’s unlisted shares. To protect the interests of investors and avoid disputes, we hereby make the following statement:

1. 輝能未授權任何第三方進行交易:輝能並未授權或委託任何第三方平台、機構或個人進行本公司股票的交易。任何聲稱可以交易輝能科技股票的平台或服務均未獲得輝能正式的授權或批准。請各位股東和潛在投資者提高警覺,我司不對任何未經本公司正式授權的股票交易渠道進行的交易行為承擔責任。
No Third-party Authorization for Trading: ProLogium has not authorized or commissioned any third-party platforms, institutions, or individuals to trade the Company’s shares. Any platform or service claiming to trade ProLogium’s shares has not received formal authorization or approval from ProLogium. Shareholders and potential investors are advised to be vigilant. ProLogium will not be responsible for any trading activities conducted through unauthorized channels.

2. 交易程序說明:本公司股票的過戶以股東名冊為主要依據,所有過戶操作均需依照公司規定和相關法律進行,私下交易股票並不代表完成過戶,未完成過戶手續者無法列入股東名冊。另外,請留意本公司的股票種類繁多,每種股票的過戶流程可能存在差異。為避免爭議及保障股東權益,原股東在考慮進行任何股票交易前,請聯繫本公司股務部門進行咨詢,以確保交易符合法令規範、能夠順利過戶。
Transaction Procedure Explanation: The transfer of the Company’s shares is primarily based on the shareholder register. All transfer operations must comply with the Company’s regulations and relevant laws. Private trading of shares does not constitute a completed transfer, and those who have not completed the transfer procedures cannot be listed in the shareholder register. Additionally, please note that ProLogium has a variety of share types, each with potentially different transfer processes. To avoid disputes and protect shareholder rights, original shareholders considering any share transactions should contact the Company’s Share Affairs Department for consultation to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and smooth transfer.

3. 官方溝通管道:若您有任何關於股票過戶流程疑問,請透過官方網站與輝能聯繫
Official Communication Channel: If you have any questions about the share transfer process, please contact us through the official website.

We are committed to providing you with accurate, detailed information and assistance.

Thank you once again for your support of ProLogium. We pledge to continue our efforts in maintaining a fair and transparent investment environment, safeguarding the legal rights of all shareholders.

敬祝 商祺,
Best regards,

ProLogium Share Affairs Department

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