Human Rights Policy

ProLogium underscores our longstanding commitment to respect and promote fundamental human rights in every aspect of our business. We seek to ensure that people who work at our company and factory are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
We pledge to do the following to safeguard workers’ rights:

  1. Never hire child labor or gain from exploiting child labor. Offer a healthy and safe workplace for employees.
  2. Prohibit the use of forced labor in any form.
  3. Never prejudice against or show differential treatment for any employees or interviewees for any reasons, including race, age, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, pregnancy, religious belief, political stance, marital status, etc.
  4. Explicitly prohibit any sexual harassment or inhumane treatment of employees at work, physically or mentally.
  5. Fully comply with labor laws, including regulations on minimum wages, work hours, weekly rest and holidays, benefits, etc.
  6. Respect and protect employees’ freedom of speech and freedom of association.
  7. Establish communication channels for dialogues without interference.
  8. ProLogium’s code of conduct complies with relevant local labor laws and international standards.